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Calibed warming mattress

Ref: 1085

Removable solution

Composed of a gel mattress, a heating element and a control unit

Adapts to all types of furniture

Anti-pressure ulcer gel mattress

Diffusion of constant, uniform heat


Supportive nest for baby’s comfort

Baby nest (removable) for a comfortable, reassuring environment

Ease of use

Intuitive control panel with excellent data and alarm visibility

Infant safety

Monitoring of skin temperature with setting of an upper and lower alarm

Gel mattress, guaranteed to be latex and silicone free 

All information on this product

The Calibed warming mattress is a portable solution designed for use on any type of furniture (neonatal cots, care cots, changing tables, etc.).

Made of polyurethane, this anti-pressure ulcer mattress supplies the baby with the constant, uniform heat that he/she needs. It is accompanied by a baby nest to hold the baby in position without pressure and creates a comfortable, safe environment.

To ensure the baby’s safety, médipréma has integrated a skin temperature monitoring system, by using a temperature probe placed on the skin. The control unit with LCD screen enables good visibility of data and alarms.

The warming mattress is made up of a control box, a warming element and a gel mattress

Control box with LCD screen for a good visibility of data and alarms. A handle provides to fix on any type of cradle

Very comfortable anti-sore autoclave polyurethane gel mattress (latex-free and silicone free, 615 x 385 x 13 mm)

Uniform warning over the entire bedding area

Delivered with a removable cocoon including a cotton cover and a micro-granules flexitube cushion : the baby is comfortably installed in a safe environment

Delivered with one skin probe



MATTRESS TEMPERATURE REGULATION from 28 to 38,5°C (with secure access under 35°C and above 37°C)


SOUND AND VISUALS ALARMS : Advanced, offset management system for alarms (Quietude mode)
3 sets of visual and sound alarms have been defined depending on the level of emergency for the comfort of newborn baby and the medical team.

HEATING POWER : 75 watts (absorbed power : 100 VA)

• control box : 220-240V / 50-60Hz 
• matress : 24VAC security low voltage



  • Control box - without handle (LxWxH) : 300 x 190 x 75mm
  • Bedding area (LxW) : 600 x 330 x 10 mm
  • Gel mattress 615 x 385 x 13 mm



  • Single patient skin sensor
  • Repositionable hydrogel patches

Class IIb Medical Device

Electrical class 1 

In accordance with EN60-601-1, EN60-601-2, EN60-601-1-2- 35 standards

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