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Optometric tests of relief vision

Ref: T26 - T27

Choice of chart depending on patient type

Literate or illiterate adults


2 models available

Fly stereotest

Butterfly stereotest

Simple to set up and transport

All information on this product

Fly stereotest

The fly test (or Wirt's Stereotest) is an optometric test of relief vision. It is one of the most common tests to check for peripheral stereoscopy, especially in children.

It is made up of two plates of polarized images to look at with the glasses provided: on the right the test plate of the fly and on the left the test plate of Wirth comprises a series of symbols spread over three lines of which only one is in relief on each line. It also includes a series of squares each comprising 4 circles, one of which must be perceived in relief


Butterfly stereotest

The stereo butterfly test is composed like the fly but with a butterfly image on the right. It enables relief perception for both gross stereopsis and fine depth perception.


Fly test = ref. T26

Butterfly test = ref. T27

  • 2 plates of polarized images in a black booklet case
  • Closed dimensions (LxH): 210 x 170mm
  • Printing: black color
  • 1 pair of glasses supplied with each test
  • Accessories: possibility to order the glasses alone

Class I Medical Device

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