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MaxBlend2 air/oxygen blender

Ref: 5111

Very precise air/O2 blending over a broad range of flow rates

Very rapid response time 

Integrated FiO2 analyser with upper and lower threshold alarm

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The MaxBlend2 is a compact air/oxygen blender incorporating an FiO2 analyser with upper and lower threshold alarm. Very precise, it supplies an air/oxygen mixture over abroad range of flow rates from 0 to 30 L/min. The response time is very rapid (around 15 s). An LCD screen ensures good visibility of parameters and directly displays the oxygen concentration recorded. 

MaxBlend2 is supplied with an associated acrylic flowmeter with a double scale : increments of 0.25 LPM up to 3 LPM or increments of 1 LPM from 5 to 15 LPM. The device operates with four 1.5V alkaline batteries (with a low battery indicator) and its battery life is 5,000 hours (mains power supply is available as option).


Display range : 0-100% oxygen

Display resolution : 0.1% oxygen

Flow range (l/min) : 0 to 30

Operating temperature : 15° - 40°C

Accuracy : ± 3 %

Response time : 90% of final value <15 seconds (at 25°C)

Battery life : 5000 hours (continuous use, without alarms)

High and low alarms : 15-99 %



Provided with an acrylic flowmeter with dual scale

  • 0,25 LPM increments up to 3,0 LPM
  • 1,0 LPM increments to 5 to 15 LPM

Good visibility of the parameters on the display

Weight : approx. 2,5 kg

Power source : 2x1.5V batteries (low battery indicator)


Remote power supply

CE marking

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