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Ref: 4300

Genuine air mode, like a closed incubator

Adapts to the room temperature to maintain the target temperature without any other adjustments

Air temperature expressed in degrees Celsius, not in heating power

No unnecessary alarms for greater nursing staff/infant comfort

Rapid temperature increase

Combines fast temperature rise and responsiveness, necessary in the event of an emergency or environmental disturbances

Excellent heat distribution over the entire mattress tray

Radiant warming via a quartz heating element, pivoting through 90°

Ultra-intuitive control screen

Setting of the 3 temperature regulation modes : air, skin and tendresse (skin-to-skin)

APGAR Timer for score assessments

Versatility and modularity

Can be used either as an open incubator or an intensive care table

Good equipment and accessory flexibility : semi-automatic infant insufflator, air/O² blender, vacuum pedal, etc.

Variable height adjustement

Highly secure for newborns

Protective screens that form a genuine cocoon around the baby

Elements easily accessible for disinfection (e.g. : fold-down and removal protective screens)

Smooth, flat surfaces for optimal and rapid cleaning and to prevent the risk of infections.

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Médipréma has employed all its expertise to develop a radiant warmer meeting the technical and ergonomic requirements of nursing staff. Serving simultaneously as an intensive care table and an open incubator, the Fabie incubator supplies gentle, stable heat to neonates thanks to radiant warming via a quartz heating element.

To achieve this, médipréma has developed a genuine air mode  (expressed in degrees Celsius), identical to the closed incubators, that takes into account environmental variations to automatically control the heating power and indicates the temperature (in °C) around the infant.

Practical and functional, médipréma’s radiant warmer allows the medical team to care for infants in optimal conditions. The required heat supply is constantly guaranteed, without any disturbance due to unnecessary alarms. Its ergonomic protective screens facilitate access to the baby and numerous openings for the insertion of drains and tubes are integrated to facilitate care.



  • Air mode from 20 to 39°C (with secure access under 28°C and above 37°C). The infant warmer offers a genuine air mode identical to that used in the incubators: the temperature sensors take into account the ambient temperature variations to automatically adjust radiation of the heating element and to indicate the temperature (in degree Celsius) at the baby level
  • Skin mode from 35 to 38°C (with secure access above 37°C)


  • Fast temperature rise and responsiveness to environnemental changes.
  • Uniform warming over the entire bedding area
  • Heating power: 600W (absorbed power 900VA)

Measurement of peripheral temperature (optional)

Built in OXYGEN MONITOR (O2 probe optional) with 0 to 100% measurement scale and low and high thresholds adjustable from 20 to 99%

APGAR TIMER with double «beep» at 1, 3, 5 and 10 minutes

SOUND AND VISUAL ALARMS with advanced management.
For the comfort of the neonate and the medical team, alarms are classified in 3 urgency levels, with specific sound and visual characteristics for each, depending on the degree of urgency of the action

POWER SUPPLY 220-240V (115V optional)





CONTROL PANEL with a LCD screen at eyes-level for a good visibility of data and alarms.
Possibility to display the information in real time in curve forms (monitoring).
All the saved data can be exported for processing or storage on PC

BEDDING : 720x510mm surrounded by 4 transparent protection shields around the baby 

TILT POSITIONS : Large and continuous (+17°/-10°)

X-RAY TRAY under the bedding to take X-rays without moving the baby and 90° swivelling hood to simplify taking X-rays

FOLD DOWN SIDE PANELS for an easy access to the baby. These are fully removable for washing by soaking.

4 TUBING PORTS and 4 ORIFICES for easy passage of the drains, sensors and tubes

POLE featuring 2 standard vertical rails for rigid and safe attachment of accessories

AMBIENT LIGHTING built into the hood

FLOOR/BEDDING HEIGHT : 904 mm (fixed stand) - 870-1070 mm (variable height)

4 SWIVELLING CASTORS : diam.125 mm (2 with brake)

DIMENSIONS (LxWxH) : 1101x600x1835 mm (fixed stand) / 1101 x 600 x 1800-2000 mm (variable height)



  • Electronique balance tray
  • warming bedding with gel mattress
  • Electrical variable height adjustment
  • Air only flowmeter
  • O2 flowmeter + humidifier
  • Y-kit with Air/O2
  • Air and O2 fluid set
  • Air and O2 fluid set with blender
  • Vacuum set
  • Neopuff semi-automatic insufflator
  • IV pole
  • Support for 2 cylinders
  • Examination LED light with dimmer
  • Large tray with mounting clamps on mast
  • Swing tray with clamp for vertical rail
  • 2 drawer boxes + 1 rear shelf
  • U-shape rear rail
  • Horizontal rail
  • Leddy Bloo Mini phototherapy
  • Single patient skin sensor
  • Repositionable hydrogel patches
  • Positioning pillows for newborns and babies
  • Oxygen hoods



Class IIb Medical Device

Electrical Class I 

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