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Microbead positioning pillow for women in labour

Ref: 3731

Various uses

Suitable for use during pregnancy and labour and after the baby’s birth

Can be used in numerous situations : delivery, breastfeeding, skin-to-skin contact, etc.

Helps hold the newborn baby in position

Patient comfort

Helps support the woman during labour to provide comfort and relief

Soft support


Light and easy to install

Does not compact over time


Easy cleaning using disinfectant wipes

Cotton pillow case, machine-washable at up to 90°C

All information on this product

Positioning aid 

Médipréma’s CareWave microbead positioning pillow is an essential aid to help women move around and get comfortable during pregnancy and labour or after their baby is born. Made of polystyrene microbeads, it is light and easy to position depending on the patient’s needs.

It provides comfort or relief in any position : sitting, lying down, on the back or stomach, or on all fours.

This pillow can also be used in numerous other situations, such as skin-to-skin sessions or while breastfeeding, etc.


Easy care

The microbeads in médipréma’s CareWave positioning pillow do not compact over time.

The polyurethane cover can be easily cleaned using a disinfectant wipe. The CareWave microbead pillow is supplied with a machine-washable printed cotton pillow case.

Features :

  • Length : 170 cm
  • Polystyrene micro-granules
  • To clean by sponging
  • Bi-elastic polyurethane cover
  • Printed cotton cover with a zipper, washable up to 90°

Packing : per unit

CE marking

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