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Ref: Lucé

Perfect reproduction of natural daylight

Complies with illuminant D65 criterias

Optimisation of well-being at work

Significantly reduces eye strain

Improves concentration

Ideal conditions for performing precisional tasks

Balanced light on the work area, without casting shadows

Absence of blue light harmful to the eyes

No accelerated polymerisation of materials

Perfect discrimination of colours

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Daylight is essential to a healthy physical and psychological balance.

Developed by gamain’s Research and Development teams, Lucé reproduces daylight in accordance with illuminant D65 criteria, defined by international standard ISO 23603.  

Lucé therefore supplies LED daylight with no risk to the eyes, ideal for performing complex, meticulous work. It also guarantees the absence of blue light harmful to the eyes and prevents accelerated polymerisation of materials.  You can thus express your professional expertise with confidence.

Remote control enables the creation of optimal lighting conditions based on specific requirements for each type of task (variation of colour, light and light intensity).

Light sources (Direct/indirect lighting)

2 illuminants LED :

  • D65 daylight LED
  • warm white LED

Other configurations available :

  • 1 illuminant D65 LED alone
  • 4 illuminant LED :
    D65/warm white


Colour temperatures

D65 LED : 6500°K

Warm white LED : 2700°K

Options :

  • LED : 4000°K
  • LED : 5000°K


Colour rendering Ra : 96

Lighting at a distance of 150 cm from the work surface : 1800 lux at 100%

Energy use in W : 223W

Power supply : 230V - 50Hz

Dimensions (L x W x H) : 121 x 47 x 8 cm (2 fastening points)

Weight : 13kg

Colour :

Silver gloss Red back-lit silhouette

Other colours available as options

Made and designed in France

D65: complies with all criterias for illuminant D65 (chromaticity-spectral distribution-metamerism) defined in the international standard ISO 23603 and the British standard BS 950-1

Photobiological safety: assessed to be without risk according to the standard for evaluating photobiological risk, EN 62471 (risk group GR0)

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