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image produit

6065 daylight recessed ceiling light

Ref: 6065

Perfect reproduction of daylight

Complies with illuminant D65 criterias

Visual comfort

Perfect discrimination of colours

Ideal for lighting work stations

Lit surface area: 1.2 x 1.2 m

Complete, balanced light on the working area, without casting shadows

All information on this product

Gamain has always been committed to offering certified daylight. Thanks to a unique combination of light sources (mixture of fluorescent tubes and bulbs), gamain ceiling lights reproduce the illuminant D65 spectrum, the daylight reference according to the International Commission on Illumination. This expertise has earned it an excellent reputation with numerous professionals wishing to protect their eyes and seeking flawless judgement of colours.

The 6065 ceiling light is ideal for the analysis of various colour parameters (brightness, saturation and shade). It is perfect for dentistry applications, in particular for the analysis of tooth colour. Installed above the chair, it also enables dental surgeons to protect their eyes and to work without shadows and without dazzling the patient. The 6065 will provide the same working comfort to all professionals requiring a high level of visual acuity.


Distance from the worktop in cm : 170
Illumination Lux : 600
Colour temperature in °K : 6500
Illuminated working area in m : 1,20 x 1,20
Dimensions (LxWxH) in cm : 60 x 60 x 14
Between recessing supports in cm : 62 x 62
Weight in kg : 4,2
Consumption in Watts : 275
Power source : 230V 50-60Hz
High frequency ballasts
White colour (RAL 9003)



6065 : standard version for recessing in any type of false ceilings. Dust and liquid tight IP20.
6065SB : for recessing in operating room. Dust and liquid tight IP65.
6065 suspended : ceiling light with attachments for hanging.

Made and designed in France

Complies with illuminant D65 criteria

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