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Ref: 3800

7 regulation modes : optimal neonatal care

Air and skin regulation modes

Specific modes : twins and tendresse (for skin-to-skin sessions)

Modes unique to médipréma : care, stop heating, Pretherm

Pretherm : a unique regulation mode

Médipréma technology, developed in collaboration with the PériTox laboratory and and the University of Amiens Hospital Centre

Automated calculation of ideal temperature and humidity setting values 

Promotes more rapid weight gain in premature babies

Genuine developmental care support tools

Numerous features : O² servocontrol, Built-in electronic scale, X-ray tray, etc

Low sound level, less than 39dB(A) to ensure infant comfort

Variable height with large doors and low positioning to facilitate proximity with the child in a sitting position

Easy and multiple access to the baby in all situations

Access+: front and rear panel on each side of the incubator that allows to widen the access to the baby especially during medical gestures

Numerous other accesses to the infant : doors, ports

11 orficies for easily passing sensors and pipes

Sliding and rotating mattress that can be rotated at 180° degrees

Numerous features designed to facilitate care

Highly intuitive LCD colour touch screen, with screen lock button

Inhibition without contact of the alarms (detection of the hand proximity by optical sensor)

Alarms can also be stopped by foot (option)

Open door sensor

Designed to prevent risks of infection

All elements are accessible for cleaning : no seals on ports

Steam cleaner compatible

Removable water tank with an automatic cleaning mode

All information on this product

The Inotherm closed incubator was designed for use in neonatal intensive care units.


A unique thermoregulation system developed by médipréma

The Inotherm neonatal intensive care incubator has a precise, reliable and intuitive thermoregulation system with 7 temperature regulation modes. These include the air and skin regulation modes found on all médipréma incubators.

In addition, the incubator has a Stop heating mode, which stops the incubator regulating temperature and humidity while maintaining air renewal inside the canopy (monitoring of the baby’s skin temperature continues to be possible). Twins mode suitable for the simultaneous monitoring of two newborns via two skin probes. Tender mode, to secure skin-to-skin sessions. Care mode ideal for the management of thermo-humidity conditions inside the incubator in the event of prolonged interventions on the child, doors open, as well as the Pretherm mode, a unique regulation mode developed by médipréma.


Pretherm regulation mode

This mode provides clinical assistance for the choice of temperature and humidity conditions inside the incubator for very-low-birth-weight infants. The aim is to improve the early management of these high-risk infants right from birth and to thus reduce the development of irreversible functional deficits. Pretherm takes into account the daily anthropomorphic characteristics of the child, the geometry of the incubator, the dress isolation and ventilatory support to define the air temperature and a suitable level of humidification for infants whose basal metabolism rate is at it's lowest.This software has been validated in real clinical practice in the neonatal intensive care unit at Amiens University Hospital and has been the subject of a biomedical engineering PhD thesis and several scientific publications.


A unique feet-head ventilation system

Médipréma has designed a unique feet-head (and not frontal) ventilation system that directs the warm air along the walls of the canopy ensuring that the required temperature is maintained inside. It also ensures safe access to the baby when the doors are opened with no risk of burns.

In addition, Inotherm benefits from a servocontrolled humidification system (automatic mode available) with easy access to the water reservoir as well as a sound and light alarm if the water level is too low.


An architecture designed to improve safety and facilitate the work of medical teams

Robust and ergonomic, the canopy of the Inotherm closed incubator has been designed so that nursing staff can easily access the baby thanks to its two large dropped down doors with portholes on the front and rear panel and a two-leaf door on the sides of the head and feet. In addition, Inotherm benefits from Access + technology, which widens the access to the baby, especially during medical gestures.

The numerous openings present on the canopy helps to optimise care of the baby (11 orifices to facilitate the passing of sensors and pipes).

The sliding and rotating matress is ideal for effortless access to the neonate's head, making precise and tactful gestures easier.

Furthermore, the transparent PMMA canopy ensures perfect visibility of the baby on 5 sides.

The incubator is equipped with numerous storage areas and is available in variable height version to optimise the working position of medical teams.

Keen to even further improve the working conditions of medical teams, médipréma has installed an intuitive LCD colour touch screen on its Inotherm incubator to program the various regulation modes and to view the information in real time in curve forms (monitoring). It also enables greater visibility of datas and alarms, with the option of inhibition without contact of the alarms (option alarms can also be stopped by foot).



  • Air mode : regulation from 20 to 39°C (with secure access below 28°C and above 37°C)
  • Skin mode : regulation from 35 to 39°C (with secure access above 37°C)
  • Pretherm® mode : unique mode of management of thermoneutrality conditions for newborns. Takes into account the daily anthropomorphic characteristics of the child, the geometry of the incubator, the dress isolation and ventilatory support to define the air temperature and a suitable level of humidification
  • Care mode : management of the thermo-humidity conditions of the incubator during prolonged interventions on children, doors opened
  • Tendresse mode : adapted to skin to skin situation
  • Twins mode : suitable for simultaneous monitoring of 2 newborns
  • Stop heating mode : stops the thermo-humidity regulation of the incubator. The renewal of air in the canopy is still effective and skin temperature monitoring still possible.

Quick and secure temperature increase without exceeding the requested temperature. The use of Pt1000 Ohm platinum probes, which have almost zero time variability curve, assures the regulation system reliability.


Adjustment range from 35% to 90% (with secure access above 80%)
Automatic mode also available
Water tank removable. Possibility to cross check the water level - low water alarm. Automatic cleaning mode

To be alerted in case of bad closing doors to prevent any accidental drops

With measuring scale from 0 to 100% and high and low levels adjustable from 20 to 99%

for a controlled and regulated oxygen level between 21 and 65% oxygen with high and low alarms


3 sets of visual and sound alarms have been defined depending on the level of emergency for the comfort of newborn baby and the medical teams. Crescendo of the alarms

informs teams of rising noise level of the immediate environment of the child in relation to a target level preset. Could help then to take all necessary measures to recover an acceptable ambient noise level

HEATING POWER : 500 watts (absorbed power : 900 VA)


POWER SUPPLY : 220-240V 50/60 Hz 


SOUND LEVEL ≤ 39±3 dB(A)

NETWORKING transmitting datas in accordance with itherm protocole




Positionned on head side (2 posible positions, right or left), at eye level, adjustable and swivelling for greater visibility of datas and alarms. Visual alarm on 360°
Possibility to display the information in real time in curve forms (monitoring)
All the saved data can be accessed by PC communication for processing or storage


Detection of the hand proximity by optical sensor
Alarms can also be stopped by foot (option)

SPACIOUS CANOPY (LxlxH 912x550x465 mm) :
In PMMA without bisphenol, and with perfect visibility on 5 sides and many accesses to the baby

  • Access + that allows to widen the access to the baby especially during medical gestures
  • Front and rear panel : 2 inclined side. 2 large dropped down doors with 2 portholes.
  • Head and feet side : 1 two-leaf door

Allowing to significantly reduce the noise when opening the ports, to increase the visibility inside the canopy and to open the ports with elbows without hygiene faults

11 ORIFICES for easily passing sensors and pipes

COMFORTABLE BEDDING : anti-bedsore mattress with memory of shape foam, welded bi-elastic polyurethan cover (LxlxH 640x510x30 mm)

Continuous +12°/-5° adjustable electrically from the outside
Horizontal position

X-RAY TRAY reachable from the outside without necessity of opening the doors

BUILT-IN ELECTRONIC SCALE with memory (option)

SLIDING AND ±90° ROTATING MATTRESS : for an easy access to the neonate head, to facilitate precise and tactful gesture

810-1110mm (VHA model). Optimizes the working position. Low position facilitates proximity with the child in a sitting position .

RAILS FOR ACCESSORIES on head and feet sides

SLIDING STORAGE SPACE on head and feet sides

4 SWIVELLING CASTORS (diameter 125mm), 2 with brake

DIMENSIONS : LxlxH max 1434x761x1494 mm

WEIGHT : 115 kg (VHA model)



  • Ventilator hoses holder
  • Double wall
  • Built-in electronic scale with memory trends
  • Built-in oxygen monitor
  • ServOx, built-in servo-controlled oxygen
  • Single patient or reusable skin probe
  • Repositionable hydrogel patches
  • Built-in SpO2 monitor
  • Stop by feet alarm inhibition
  • Pole extention for control box
  • Pivoting storage tray (320 x 394 mm)
  • Day/night cover
  • Oxygen & air cylinders
  • O2 Hoods
  • IV pole
  • Exam Lamp LED with dimmer
  • Positionning cushions
  • Wrist / Ankle fasteners
  • Neonatal SpO2 sensors
  • Swing aside storage tray (320x394mm)

Class IIb Medical Device

Electrical Classification I

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