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Ref: 2100

A unique architecture adapted to standard and physio deliveries

Perfectly suited to the different positions used during pre-labour and labour phases (gynecological, lateral, four legs, squatting, hanging, etc.)

Spacious and comfortable bedding area to move with ease

Great modularity and ergonomics

Variable height that can drop very low to facilitate access to bed by the parturient and rise very high for specific medical procedures

Quick adaptation of the position of the bed to the posture required by the parturient

Many adjustable supports and suspensions available (head, sides, footboard) to facilitate stretching safely

Adjustable stirrups in any direction

An innovative multi-function stool

Disconnecting / reconnecting the stool easily without effort or carrying

Becomes a mobility accessory with a tilt of 15 ° for the parturient during prelabour

True seat for midwives performing certain medical procedures

Safe for parturients and the medical team

Retractable and detachable side safety barriers to secure rest or skin-to-skin phases

Trendelenburg position with manual or power release

Easy cleaning and disinfection of the entire bed structure, motor and base

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Nixie birthing bed 

Médipréma’s Nixie birthing bed has been designed to aid the delivery process, offering comfort and safety for women during labour while ensuring optimal delivery conditions for medical teams. Médipréma has employed all its expertise to offer a practical solution (mobile, easy to use and clean) adapted to current delivery environments (standard or physiologic birth).


A bed tailored to standard and physiologic births

With médipréma’s Nixie birthing bed, all positions are allowed and facilitated (gynaecological, on all fours, lateral, suspended squatting, etc.) in the labour and delivery phases. The Nixie bed has a spacious and comfortable lying surface, and its back is adjustable separately from the seat and height so that the bed’s position can be quickly adjusted to the chosen posture. Numerous supports are available and adjustable to facilitate stretching. The stirrups are adjustable in all directions to adapt to the position and size of the woman.

So that all these positions are possible, the Nixie bed is divided into two sections : a chair section and a leg section on casters, which can be easily retracted by pressing with the legs without any effort or weight, offering a high level of modularity and clearance to facilitate care of women during delivery. This smart stool is controlled by the bed’s general control system when it is connected and has its own remote control when it is disconnected.

To enable a broader choice of positions, a removable hanger bar can be affixed to the bed structure (without any specific room fittings required). This enables suspension outside the bed (labour phase) and over the bed in complete safety. This bar is supplied with an adjustable suspension sling to adapt to the woman’s position and size, along with a removable intermediate support strap to create a support rail from the bar. 


A comfortable bed for women in labour

The Nixie birthing bed offers a high level of comfort for women during labour. It can be positioned very low to facilitate access for patients and the size of the lying surface (86 x 200 cm) ensures extensive room for movement. The mattress is made of polyurethane foam. The density selected offers a high level of comfort, while still guaranteeing the necessary firmness if any technical procedures are necessary.  


A safe bed for patients and the medical team

Médipréma’s Nixie birthing bed is equipped with retractable and removable side rails to secure resting phases or skin-to-skin sessions with the baby. Electrically controlled and manually disengageable Trendelenburg position (12°) in the event of an emergency. The handle at the head of the bed retracts completely to facilitate access to the patient’s head for the anaesthetist. A back-up battery with low battery alarm means the bed position can be changed in the event of a power outage. Brakes are available on both sides of the bed. The bed can accommodate a weight of up to 200 kg. 


Easy cleaning

The mattress on the Nixie birthing bed is removable to enable easier cleaning. The cover (with antibacterial and fire-resistant treatment) has welded seams to ensure its impermeability and is compatible with the surface disinfectants generally used in hospital environments. The entire bed structure, motor and base are protected by a smooth ABS cover with no inaccessible areas. 

Once retracted, the leg part of the chair can slip under the seat to save space around the bed (a “presence detector” prevents any risk of crushing during adjustment of the chair height). 


The Nixie birthing bed features a chair and a stool. Electrically actuated:

  • Variable chair height : 645-1045mm
  • Variable stool height : 500-900mm
  • Adjustable height between chair and stool : 0-545mm
  • Adjustable backrest : -12/+70° (Quick manual Trendelenburg emergency position with release red levers at bed head).
  • Adjustable seating : 0/+20°
  • Manual tilt on stool : ±15°C

The foot rest stool is released by a foot-operated pedal, and is just as easy to reconnect. When connected to the chair, it is operated through the general bed remote control. When disconnected, it has its own electrical height adjustment control (optional built-in battery – supplied with wall charger).

The stirrups are inserted into an ergonomic and orientable holder attached to the bed. Adjustable height and orientation.

10 liters detachable sliding ABS placenta tray.

Retractable, detachable side safety barriers, fitted with handles and support zones.

Standardized side rails on the seat and stool, to which numerous accessories can be attached.

Wired remote control. Detachable, rail mounted flexible support, for easy attachment and directional positioning.

125mm diameter double roller castors with central braking by side pedal on the chair. 100mm diameter castors with brake on the stool.

Pair of grab handles with quick-release multi-directional clamps, to set on the side rails of either the seat or the stool.

Uniquely versatile to use, due to their shape and endless adjustment positions: grab handles, foot/heel rests, or used as handles to move the bed easily around.

Comfortable, high-ductility polyurethane foam mattress, 8cm thick. 2 separate sections for chair and stool.

Antibacterial polyurethane cover with welded seams. Fireproof. Small indentation for the pelvis area.

Battery backup with low battery alarm.

Overall dimensions with barriers (WxL) :  2080mm x 1025mm

Bed size : 2040mm x 860mm

Chair dimensions (WxL) : 1525mm x 1025mm

Maximum load : 200kg

Electricity supply : 230V-50/60Hz (optional 110V)



• Independent stool with electrical height adjustment (built-in battery - supplied with wall charger)
• Stainless steel telescopic IV pole - 4 hooks - and base attachment. Can be freely positioned and locked oneither side of the bed head.
• Footrest for forceps
• 2nd remote control



• Detachable labour hanger bar. Supplied with suspension sling and detachable central strap.
• Handrail (elbow high) on quick-release multi-directional clamps
• Footrests
• Additional pair of grab handles on quick-release multi-directional clamps
• Flexible support for the wired remote control
• Strap for stirrups
• Wall mount support for accessories
• Positioning cushion

Electrical classification : class 1

Class 1 medical device

According to the APNOR® method of De Gasquet (Postural-Respiratory Method)

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