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O'bloo led

Ref: 1950 - option Led

Integrated, efficient solution invented by médipréma

The most rapid 360° jaundice treatment all around the baby

For all thermally stable babies weighing

Uniform, effective treatment

Luminous Flux 5mW/cm² (80μW/cm²/nm) per hood

12 blue LEDs treatment tubes targeted on the bilirubin degradation spectrum

Patient/nursing staff comfort

Limits mother/baby separation time

Silent : allows a peaceful treatment for the newborn

Quiet mode : visual alarm before audible alarm to avoid stress to baby

Orange-tinted monitoring window to reduce dazzle effects

Treatment control and safety

Timer for setting the exposure time : switches off automatically

Pause key to suspend treatment if necessary

Automatic treatment suspension if hammock is removed to access the baby

Manoeuvrable and practical in all situations

Manoeuvrable from one department to another : easy to move with a handle, 4 casters and a surrounding bumper rail

Practical storage areas for easy access to accessories : upper shelf, drawer, accessory holder rail, control screen

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Incomparable efficacy, rapid and intensive treatment 

The O’bloo 360° phototherapy cradle is ideal for severe jaundice, making it possible to avoid the need for blood exchange transfusions and reducing the separation time from parents. Equipped with 12 blue LEDs treatment tubes placed in 2 semi-cylindrical sections, this cradle developed by médipréma enables uniform exposure to light over the whole body surface of the baby. It offers optimal exposure of 5 mW/cm2 (80μw/cm²/nm) per semi-cylindrical section. 

An ergonomic cradle that does not compromise the baby’s comfort and safety

Médipréma’s O’bloo 360° phototherapy cradle facilitates the work of medical teams. Thanks to its fold-down screens, it enables easy access to the baby. The screens present on the 4 sides of the device prevent light disturbance for nursing staff.

Intuitive and easy to use, it has a control unit with LCD screen placed at eye level that facilitates programming of exposure time thanks to an hour counter. A pause button is also available to suspend treatment during baby care procedures. 

In addition to its ergonomic aspect, the O’bloo 360° cradle also optimises the safety of the infant, ensuring monitoring of the temperature inside the canopy and monitoring the baby’s skin temperature, with upper and lower visual and sound alarms to prevent any risk of hypo or hyperthermia. SpO2 and pulse measurement are available as optional extras.

Throughout treatment, the baby is placed in a hammock for optimal comfort.

Protective screens ensure the baby’s safety and side windows enable total monitoring. 


12 BLUE LEDs TREATMENT TUBES placed inside 2 semi-cylindrical hoods.
The upper hood is mounted on a vertical slide bar raised on a jack which enables the operator to move it up and down (up to 330mm).

Luminous flux 5mW/cm² (80µw/cm²/nm) per semi-cylindrical hood - measured between 400 and 550 nanometres (active spectrum DIN 5031) with BabyBlue radiometer at 20cm of the hood

CONTROL BOX with a LCD display at eyes-level to allow a good visibility of parameters and alarms

  • Exposure time programming
  • LEDs usage time counter (maximum tubes lifetime : 2000h)
  • Stand-by button allowing treatment break during infant care


  • The baby is comfortably installed in a hammock during the therapy
  • The body is integrally exposed to lighting
  • 75% sliding out bed


  • Protection shields ensure a greater safety and 2 lateral windows a complete visual monitoring.
  • The baby is easily reachable thanks to a removable front shield


  • Temperature monitoring inside the cradle
  • Alarm and automatic pausing of the treatment if air temperature higher than 38°C

BABY SKIN TEMPERATURE MONITORING : The high and low alarms combine visual and sound alarms to prevent any risk of hypothermia and hyperthermia

Standardized rail around the unit for accessories attachment


Stand with 4 pivoting castors, 2 with brakes
1 handle at the back of the equipment make it easy to move





POWER SUPPLY : 110-240V, 50/60Hz


DIMENSIONS (LxWxH) : 833x645x1410mm

WEIGHT : 54kg



  • Eyemax phototherapy goggles (3 models available)
  • Single patient skin sensor
  • Repositonable hydrogel sensor sheath
  • BabyBlue Radiometer
  • Hammock

CE marked

Class IIa medical device

Electrical class I

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Médipréma’s BabyBlue phototherapy radiometer is designed to measure the radiation emitted by the fluorescent tubes or LEDs used in phototherapy
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