médipréma Rampe chauffante Ambia réf.4352
A baby needs a warm atmosphere in the first moments of its life, and the temperature of its environment satisfies a large part of this need. Médipréma Ambia radiant warmers provide the right degree of well-being.
They can be used equally well on a bed or a cot or above a swaddling table or an examination table, and quickly warm the neonate up by radiant heat transfer. Equipped with a low temperature glass ceramic emitter, a unique and patented process designed by médipréma, less dehydrating, these warmers offers a quick increase of the temperature and mild and efficient warming.

These radiant warmers have a very comfortable air mode that takes account of the ambient temperature to automatically compensate radiation from heating elements. The required heat input (expressed in degree Celsius) is always achieved without being disturbed by false alarms.

The baby is surrounded by mild and uniform warmth, and enjoys an optimum environment for the highest possible care quality.
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